4th Tuesday Forum: Mrs. Mary S. Logan “Out of the Shadow”

March 11, 2023 HistoryAdmin

Where: DeForest Area Community & Senior Center

When: Tuesday, March 28 at 10:00am


A devoted soldier’s wife, Mary Logan would be an eyewitness to one of the greatest conflagrations of American history, the Civil War.

Mrs. Logan was understandably proud of her husband’s accomplishments, but she emerged from his shadow to become a prominent power in Washington.

Meet Mrs. Mary S. Logan, wife of General and Senator John A. Logan, as she reminisces how she met and married the Illinois native. She would be the sometimes not-so-silent partner as he ascended the political ladder.

After his death, she would emerge as a force not to be taken lightly in Washington.

Presented and performed by: Jessica Michna

Co-sponsored by: DeForest Area Historical Society, DeForest Area Public Library, and DeForest Area Community & Senior Center

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