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August 10, 2021 HistoryAdmin

Where: DeForest Area Community & Senior Center When: Tuesday, September 28 at 10:00 am Eleanor Roosevelt, as portrayed by Jessica Michna, shares with the audience her tragedies and triumphs. Born into the opulent wealth of America’s “Golden Age” she would grow from the shy, homely orphan into a confident, driven woman. Annealed by personal tragedy, she would emerge as a champion of civil rights, author, and stateswoman. Eleanor has been characterized by many as our…

August 10, 2021 HistoryAdmin

Our Summer 2021 issue of News & Notes features: A Message from our Historical Society’s President Curator’s Corner Information about Storing and Preserving Historic Materials Artifacts from the Archives: Dining in Style 100 Years Ago and more!

February 28, 2021 HistoryAdmin

Where: Zoom When: Tuesday, March 23 at 10:00am Visit the Library website to register for the Zoom program. Cristabel and Emmeline Pankhurst, Susan B. Anthony, Emma Davisson, Elisabeth Cady Stanton; some names you may recognize, others you may not. In this program, Jessica Michna appears as …HERSELF! You will learn of these and other women (and men) who championed the cause of women’s suffrage in this country and overseas in the late 19th and early…