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May 16, 2018 HistoryAdmin

Over 80 years ago three brothers from Morrisonville named Henry, Selmer and John Hatlem received an invitation in the mail inviting them to a school dance called Junior Prom. It cost the men $1.25 per ticket to enter the prom on a Friday night. It was proper for the men to wear a suit, tie and hat to the dance. A tie clip could be added to the tie and cufflinks to the cuffs of…

February 15, 2018 HistoryAdmin

This one room school house, constructed in 1869, served 8 grades. Site today is North Main Street.  Later the building became a social center for the community.   

February 15, 2018 HistoryAdmin

The log school house was constructed in 1856 in a grove of trees. The 16 x 20 foot one room structure was built from harvested trees from the nearby woods.  The site location today is East Yahara Road.